Build Livable, Stable Neighborhoods

g5kN0jDqqONqaeFJitqWIcR1YJlwd OPnWxj8f7KFk4The Foundation will suport efforts that build strong, stable neighborhoods that are physically safe and attractive and that provide access to healthy food, reliable transportation, quality healthcare, safe and affordable housing, vibrant commercial districts, quality schools and meaningful employment opportunities.

  1. Enhance connections between existing neighborhood revitalization efforts and new opportunities to address long-term issues with interrelated activities and focus.
  2. Strengthen coalitions through support and guidance to build consensus and facilitate solution-based outcomes.
  3. Empower residents to create neighborhood change and build sustainable communities; partner with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to develop shared action plans.
  4. Build the capacity of organizations leading change to expand their influence in the community and create a positive ripple effect for systems change.