Enhance Options for Self-Sufficiency

d rvPmj9PHVh67pBDIslulP AQWzJvfQgAoVq3gBpSoThe Foundation will support efforts that focus on the individual by providing basic human needs, enhancing options for self-sufficiency and empowering underserved communities to remove barriers to escaping poverty.

  1. Empower, support, structure and guide communities in developing effective strategies to address complex community issues.
  2. Enhance training and skill development opportunities to improve employment access and challenge current workforce paradigms.
  3. Improve access to dependable transportation options to increase mobility and promote livable communities.
  4. Improve access to safe, fair and affordable housing options to promote healthy communities.
  5. Strengthen resettlement and acclimation efforts to enhance the integration of immigrants, refugees and asylees into our community.
  6. Improve access to services by convening diverse stakeholders to shape public policy.