The Foundation remains true to Mr. Oishei's original intent: To improve the lives of Western New York residents. We focus our support on programs and organizations which are clearly based upon attainment of excellence both in concept and ultimate implementation.

In 2016, the Foundation staff and board, with the assistance of consultants, developed a comprehensive five-year strategic plan. It identifies the Foundation’s core focus areas, goals, catalytic behaviors and more. In order to maximize our impact, the Foundation will work to meet these goals:

  • Strengthen the P-20 Education Continuum
  • Enhance Options for Self-Sufficiency
  • Build Livable, Stable Neighborhoods
  • Promote Health and Improve Systems
  • Expand the Role of Arts, Culture and Heritage in Regional Development

It will remain a priority for us to support creative programs and other initiatives which attempt to advance from the status quo, are strategically sound, and can effectively meet community needs. The Foundation remains supportive of initiatives that involve collaboration and those in which Foundation support can leverage support from other sources.

The Oishei Foundation is fully committed to bringing about marked improvements in the quality of life and economic well-being of residents of the Western New York community. To this end, the Foundation seeks shared visions with community leaders and other funders that will lead to positive change in the Buffalo Niagara region and enhance its reputation as a locale of progress, imagination, and excellence.