Strengthen the P-20 Education Continuum

OnFSUGKRMF0oE2eelYBfMaFg222t HgDiDIklZfJUegThe Foundation will work to Strengthen the P-20 Continuum by identifying and supporting best practices that benefit students so they can enter school ready to learn and successfully graduate from college or post-secondary programs, prepared to enter the workforce.

  1. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education from cradle to career to strengthen the education pipeline.
  2. Build connections across the education system and with outside partners to enhance the education pathway with seamless points of transition.
  3. Strengthen the capacity of providers to address the complex challenges facing students and their families.
  4. Enhance training, leadership development and engagement opportunities for teachers and parents to increase professional development and collaboration.
  5. Share best practices and create mutual advocacy platforms to strengthen opportunities for learning and encourage policy change.