Expand the Role of Arts, Culture and Heritage in Regional Development

Dloc9HUZ4lXs27nRKlC5CpemCer0 iwPE8o YqGSGHoThe Foundation will support efforts to increase the number of local visitors and tourists to stimulate economic development through arts, culture and heritage. In addition, we support the integration of the arts across all of our focus areas with an emphasis on education, healthcare, civic engagement and neighborhood stabilization.

  1. Strengthen arts organizations through capacity building and leadership development to ensure their vibrancy and ability to contribute to the sustained growth of the region.
  2. Integrate arts and cultural experiences with other strategies to ensure that communities with limited access will benefit and grow.
  3. Enhance economic development by strengthening the ability of arts organizations to attract national and international tourists.
  4. Protect and restore existing natural and heritage assets to ensure regional identity.
  5. Strengthen regional assets by convening diverse stakeholders to shape public policy.