Philanthropic Support

Through its office of Philanthropic Support, the Oishei Foundation provides assistance in the field to support and sustain the important work of its grantees. All grantees are eligible for philanthropic support; please note, however, that our ability to provide this service is based on availability of our in-house resources. We prioritize projects based on the level of urgency and need, the unique nature of an organization’s mission, and your ability to devote time and resources to the partnership.

Partnership and the forging of enriched and enriching relationships are at the core of our work as your philanthropic partner. We are committed to listening carefully, thoughtfully, and actively to your needs and to developing a plan of care that will signify progress and change.

Just as each organization has specific needs and challenges, our response will be crafted according to a mutual understanding of short- and long-term strategic goals. We will always focus on an organization’s strength and sustainability, coupling that focus with a deep respect for the work that you are doing

While we have in-house expertise, we are also connected to numerous consultants and partner providers, who augment our team.

A plan of care would utilize any combination of the following expertise:

  • Provide our own staff to deliver direct assistance
  • Recruit talent to provide pro bono services
  • Connect grantees to paid partners and, in some cases, recommend that a grant application be submitted (to the Oishei Foundation or perhaps, to another funder) to pay for consulting costs, in part or in whole

Areas of in-house expertise include:

  • Fund Development: strategic overview
  • Governance: governance structure; board development, recruitment, guidance, and training; policies and procedures; board roles and responsibilities and partnership with executive director
  • Organizational Development: executive mentoring, coaching, development; executive transition and succession; executive director role and responsibilities and partnership with board president and governing body; organizational structure; alignment of job descriptions to mission; performance management and evaluation; staff recruitment; compensation and benefits; personnel policies and procedures; organizational, administrative, and operational best practice; implementation and execution of strategic goals
  • Knowledge and Research: Improve organizational learning through data analysis, peer reviews, program evaluation, and explanatory research
  • Strategy: strategic planning; operational implementation and execution; strategic alliances

Areas of partner expertise include:

  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

Our commitment to you does not end when the plan of care is completed, presented, and implemented.

As your partner and a catalyst for progress and change, Philanthropic Support will continue to support your organization, post engagement, through appropriate involvement in your work, whether we provide direct assistance, track your progress on a regular basis, touch down on occasion to assess benchmarks, serve as a sounding board, provide encouragement, and always, support your organization’s mission and its bright future.

We look forward to working with you!