Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application form?

Yes. Grant seekers must use our online application system for all requests.

Do you have a deadline for applications?

The Foundation accepts and processes applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year. There is no set due date.

How long does it take for the Foundation to make a decision?

The time can vary widely based upon a number of factors. Often, the process will involve discussion and revisions to your application as you work with your program officer at Oishei. Your proposal may go to the Board of Directors for review and the board may request revisions or additional information. Generally the process will take from a couple months to several months.

Does the Foundation give general operating support?

We have elected to provide support for virtually any area of an organization’s programs, services, or operations, but any proposal must have specific objectives and estimated timelines, even if the activity addresses internal organizational work, or what we refer to as “Core Operations Improvement” grants. In this sense, we do not provide GOS as it is commonly defined; that is, unrestricted funds for any use related to the organization.

Can overhead or administrative costs be included in the budget?

Yes, if they are reasonable and can be determined based on actual costs. In general, the Foundation will provide up to about 10 – 12% of a grant amount for these costs.

Does the Foundation require a partnership or collaboration for a proposal?

Collaborations are not required to apply. However, we expect the applicant agency to know and understand its market or service area, including the need within the area, what other services are being provided by other organizations, how they are similar or different from what is being proposed, and why a collaboration does NOT make sense.

Is the Foundation advocating mergers?

Where mergers between willing organizations make sense and will improve service to clients or audiences, yes. We are also willing to discuss funding of extraordinary costs that must be incurred by organizations as they explore or implement a merger or other strategic alignment, such as legal or financial consultants. We are also happy to sit down with the leadership of interested organizations and facilitate informal conversations about these possibilities. To initiate this, please send a letter to Robert D. Gioia, President.

Should I wait to apply to other foundations or corporations until I get a response from Oishei?

We strongly encourage you NOT to wait, and to pursue other sources of funding vigorously. We are always keenly interested in joining with other funding sources on activities of interest, and we will ask you to describe in your proposal what other sources are available and have been approached. Should more than one source of funding approve your request, we can easily work out whatever adjustments need to be made.

Can I call the Foundation with questions?

If you have been approved for a grant, you can call the Foundation at any time to talk with either your program officer or other staff member. If you are just applying, we encourage you to submit your LOI before calling, so our staff has something in front of them to talk with you about. Once you submit your LOI, you should wait for a member of the Foundation to contact you for additional information or a follow-up conversation. In some cases, it may be a few to several weeks before you are contacted.